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Shopping North Laine

The designer/ trendy place to be seen! Terrace cafes and alternative eateries line this pedestrianised Brighton version of Carnaby Street.

North laine

Top Tip

Pick up designer leather goods and custom made jewellery at reasonable prices here.

Charming, sophisticated, elegant and chic, oh and a bit rough round the edges, this is how you sum up this wonderful part of Brighton life, London has Carnaby Street: We have The Laines. In the middle of the day this place is alive with designer fashion like Versace and Paul Smith as well as garish shops selling silver platforms and wonderful headgear. Leaflets galore will be thrust in your hands as you play with tinned anchovies in Kensington Gardens and hide in the poster shop from the buskers.

Have a latte in one of the many coffee bars and watch the local men and women in their extraordinary fashions. Hang two handbags from your ears; paint your face like Boy George and do the conga and we swear no one will even look twice.


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