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A hen night wouldn't be the same without some good old-fashioned hen night dares and double-dares.

Fun and games are what a hen party is all about and a great ingredient is always some version of truth or dare. Of course everyone must play but especially if it's a hen night it is the hen queens task to perform the most outlandish acts if at all possible. If your hen queen is shy and retiring you should coax gently and occasionally you may skip some of the more extreme challenges. the main thing is to have fun! As seen on TV


Here are 10 Challenges the future Bride must successfully complete in order to graduate and become a lifetime member of The Married Woman's Club. Each challenge must be supervised, approved and signed by a witness who is a member of the assosiation (also known as one of the girls). Please note that these challenges must be performed in a public place, such as a restaurant, bar, club, etc... 

   Moustachio  The Mexican

The bride to be must kiss the first man she sees with a moustache.
No matter how ugly, fat or disgusting he is !

   The Bottle  Bottle It

The future bride must kiss and lick her beer bottle in front of the girls as if it were her future husbands willy..

Three of the girls must write down, on a scale of 1 to 10, the score she deserves.

   Sandal Dare  Trev

The future bride must find a man wearing sandals with white socks, bring him over to the girls and kiss him!

(If no man is wearing sandals at least find a man with white socks)

   Balance  Chair Control

The future bride must stand up on her chair and proclaim loudly and firmly that she is getting married.
She must remain on the chair and dance for at least two minutes.
(This is funnier after a few drinks)

   Seduction  Easy

Every girl must agree on who's the best looking guy around!
The future bride must walk up to him and seduce him until he buys her a drink.

How she succeeds is up to her!

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